General Classes

The style of karate offered at All Star Martial Arts is a Korean based style called Tang Soo Do. This style was made famous in the United States by Chuck Norris himself! This style is a balance of martial arts focusing on not just kicking, but also a wide variety of hand and arm techniques. A student starts out at white belt, and progresses through the style, all the way to the level of first degree black belt. After the amazing achievement of the first degree black belt, there are several more degrees of black belt one can achieve.

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General classes in martial arts to go from white belt to black belt for kids ages 5 to 12 years old and is called our journey program.

Little Kickers

Little kids especially at a preschool level are impressionable and martial arts is an answer to helping children grow into our world.

This is our program offered to preschoolers! Children between ages of 3 and 4 have nowhere else to look for martial arts, this is it! Our Little Kickers program starts the student off as an official white belt, and teaches not just the basic fundamentals of Tang Soo Do, but also immediately teaches the extreme value of principles of respect, integrity, confidence, family, and community. Positive reinforcement is a high priority when working with children and we know that!

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Women's Self Defense

Are you a female that has ever been concerned about being attacked? Perhaps you know someone that has? It may have even been you! No matter what your background in martial arts is, we offer an extremely effective and practical program to teach women how to not just hold their own against an attacker, but to know they can walk safely knowing they have the knowledge to take down even the biggest and most intimidating of attackers!

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Women’s self defense is something that can be taught and mastered at All Star Martial Arts so that a woman using karate can over power even the strongest opponent and take control.

Bully Awareness

Bullying and being afraid is an ongoing battle on how to defend using karate and mental strength to be able to help one to perceiver.

Do you have a child that has been bullied? Maybe they are currently being bullied? It could even be you at this moment. Often, children (and adults) don’t voice being victimized and being taken advantage of physically, mentally, and emotionally. This is a very serious subject, and here at All Star Martial Arts we have an answer!

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Kids Sparring

This program is a hands on experience where children train with one another wearing extremely protective gear, and any excessive force is not tolerated. In the sparring class, children ages 5 to 12 work with one another under the instructors direct and strict supervision in order to enhance the student’s ability to deal with the inevitable randomization of attacks. The kids sparring class emphasizes safety first, in a friendly competitive environment, in order to apply martial arts at a faster pace. This program will become required before a student tests for any rank of red or black belt. The minimum starting belt rank is purple belt.

Kids sparring offers a safe environment to train and utilize skills from one martial artist to another.

Adult Sparring

The most “hands on” training offered to a student 13 years of age or older! Wearing extremely protective gear, this class is designed to elevate the student’s ability to ward of an attacker using key principles of martial arts training. Excessive force is strictly prohibited as the adult sparring class is about mutually learning from other peers, in the ultimate goal to perfect the students skill with applied self-defense in a safe, respectful environment! Students are required to take this class before testing for any rank of red or black belt. The minimum starting belt rank is purple belt, unless the student has had previous martial arts (or similar) training.

Adult sparring is a safe and practical mean to be able to apply martial arts amongst one’s piers in order to become better at applied karate.

Masters Class

Black belts taking the masters class that offers high end self defense.

The class of classes...the Masters Class! This program is for black belts only, of all ages! This is the most advanced class offered at All Star Martial Arts and focuses on perfecting the students martial arts journey, for the real journey begins upon reaching black belt! This program implies the same philosophies and ways of teaching as any other that we offer, but as for the logistics beyond that you would have to be a black belt to find out!

Enrichment Program

Our enrichment program is designed specifically for those with special needs. As to what that means is up to the student, or the parents. Nevertheless, this program is meant to cater to anyone that has any of the following, but not limited to: learning disabilities, anger issues, physical or mental disorders, or anything else that requires extra attention and care for the student. This is a program meant to teach martial arts, and to convey the principles of respect, integrity, confidence, community and family. Please note, this program offers no specific cures or answers to any one (or more) specific issues, for any student that may have special needs. The program is designed to be a supplement in the student’s life should they wish to participate. With our pleasure, this program is offered to all ages.

Karate students of several belt levels sitting down eagerly learning martial arts.