General Classes

The style of karate offered at All Star Martial Arts is a Korean based style called Tang Soo Do. This style was made famous in the United States by Chuck Norris himself! This style is a balance of martial arts focusing on not just kicking, but also a wide variety of hand and arm techniques. A student starts out at white belt, and progresses through the style, all the way to the level of first degree black belt. After the amazing achievement of the first degree black belt, there are several more degrees of black belt one can achieve.

We offer two different general programs in order to progress from white belt to black belt based on the age of the student. Children between the ages of 5 and 12 are considered part of our “Journey Program,” while students 13 years of age and older are part of our “Real World Self-Defense Program.” Through both programs, our students rise to ultimately receive an official black belt in the style of Tang Soo Do. However, the programs differ in material offered.

General classes in martial arts to go from white belt to black belt for kids ages 5 to 12 years old and is called our journey program.

Journey Program

The Journey Program, is designed for children, focusing not just on learning martial arts, but on various games and activities in order to not just elevate their skill level, but to make it a fun, safe, and memorable journey to black belt. Although all programs offer positive reinforcement, it is a priority that we take the minds of children very seriously.

Real World Self Defense

The Real World Self Defense offers the same teachings as is taught in the Journey Program, but forgoes the games and activities from the Journey Program. Instead, this program focuses on more of what an adult may face instead of a child, such as how to defend against being attacked by weapons such as knives and guns, and ways on how to escape virtually every kind of grab/submission one can encounter.

Real world self defence is a practical mean to apply karate to teens and adults in order to defend themselves using martial arts against attackers.