Little Kickers

A preschool girl demonstrating a kick while enjoying karate.

This is our program offered to preschoolers! Children between ages of 3 and 4 have nowhere else to look for martial arts, this is it! Our Little Kickers program starts the student off as an official white belt, and teaches not just the basic fundamentals of Tang Soo Do, but also immediately teaches the extreme value of principles of respect, integrity, confidence, family, and community. Positive reinforcement is a high priority when working with children and we know that!

Although every other program offered at All Star Martial Arts also focuses on these five principals, this programs takes into consideration the impressionable age of the student, and capitalizes on conveying such important life traits while making it a fun learning environment. Karate games are a must, and connecting with a child of this age group is a crucial priority. If you have a child within this age range, this program and its teachings will stay with them for the rest of their lives!

A child under five years old doing martial arts and starting his karate sport at a young age.