Bully Awareness

Do you have a child that has been bullied? Maybe they are currently being bullied? It could even be you at this moment. Often, children (and adults) don’t voice being victimized and being taken advantage of physically, mentally, and emotionally. This is a very serious subject, and here at All Star Martial Arts we have an answer!

This day and age isn’t about just about being physically attacked. Mental and emotional attacks, such as cyber bullying, is ever rising! This program focuses on not just how to fend off a bully from physical attack, but how to combat the mental and emotional abuse. It takes into consideration the strong power of confidence, the biggest shield against a bully! We also offer an anonymous way our students can write out specific fears or concerns that are can be dropped into a box to be further read out to the class in order that everyone receives the comfort of learning that they deserve! This program is offered to all ages.

Being bullied is hard and offering solutions and defense against this is absolutely necessary.