Women's Self Defense

Are you a female that has ever been concerned about being attacked? Perhaps you know someone that has? It may have even been you! No matter what your background in martial arts is, we offer an extremely effective and practical program to teach women how to not just hold their own against an attacker, but to know they can walk safely knowing they have the knowledge to take down even the biggest and most intimidating of attackers!

We focus on physics, such as how to displace one’s center of gravity not just to keep the student on their feet, but to take control of their attacker and keep them off of their feet. This program teaches various way of blocking and striking that are effective regardless of what might seem to be a disadvantage based the attackers size and weight, and will make the attacker at the disadvantage instead! This program is offered to all ages.

Women’s self defense is something that every woman should be taught and how to be able to protect one’s self using karate from a weapon such as a knife or a gun.